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Welcome to the website of the St. Louis Space Frontier, a chapter of the National Space Society. We are a new chapter, but are wasting no time – we are holding Gateway to Space, a regional space development conference along the lines of the International Space Development Conference, in St. Louis this fall. For more information on our conference, check out our conference page.


Gateway to Space 2014
A Regional Space Development Conference
(presented by the St. Louis Space Frontier,
a chapter of the National Space Society)
November 7-9, 2014
Crowne Plaza Hotel – Downtown
St. Louis, Mo.


St. Louis is the perfect location for a conference on space since it holds such a unique place in the history of space and exploration and is an aerospace hub that features prominently in supporting current and future space missions – including the Mars Curiosity rover and all of Boeing’s activities in space, as the headquarters of Boeing’s space and defense divisions (formerly known as McDonnell Douglas).
And since 2014 is the 250th anniversary of the founding of St. Louis and the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, what better time than now to celebrate St. Louis’s past – and future – in space?

St. Louis is the gateway to:

  • The West.
  • Transcontinental aviation (along with many, many other aviation firsts).
  • Space.
  • The Moon.
  • Private spaceflight.
  • Science on Mars.
  • Boeing’s space operations, including its partnership with NASA on  the Commercial Crew program that will take the American space program beyond low-Earth orbit.

And who knows what’s next? Join us! For more information about the St. Louis Space Frontier, the National Space Society or to ask to be notified when registration opens for the Gateway to Space Conference, email stlspacefrontier(at)gmail.com.